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The Moroccan Miracle Box: My Entry in the British Bead Awards 2014, Part 1

So I thought that I would put in an entry to the British Bead Awards 2014, how hard can it be?
My inspiration came when I found a picture of some Moroccan tiles that reminded me of a quilt that I made a few years earlier. The stars are formed by sets of parallel lines that cross over, but then carry on to make further stars around the edge. This design almost exactly mirrored a beading design that I was working on at the time.
Moroccan quilt

moroccan tiles









The Princess’s Daisies, is a modular design that creates stars with any number of points, depending on the size of the central rivoli, and the size of beads you capture it with. In this way it was possible to make stars with 12, 8, and 6 points, which fit into the design.

moroccan miracle boxOnce these were made it was down to pure ingenuity to find a way of putting them together. This is when the name came to me!
The Moroccan (it will be a) Miracle (if I ever finish this) Box!

The Moroccan Miracle Box

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