Beadweaving designs by Justine Gage

Who is Too Tall To Bead?

I have a mathematical background, I studied engineering at university, and then went on to do accountancy in a city bank. I have enjoyed an extended career break to have my three girls, but used my spare time to do all of the creative things that I have loved since I was small.

I have been following a creative path that started with crochet and dressmaking, and then followed through quilting, painting, gardening, ice dance (!), to jewellery making and beadwork.

I find that my mathematical and engineering side allows me to solve complex creative problems when designing new things, which I love to do. Beadwork to me is just one huge construction kit, like lego, but the bonus is that you can wear the results!

The very first beadwork thing that I made was a loom-work bracelet. I was very frustrated that all of the lovely things in the shops were too small for me, so I was determined to make my own.  I didn’t know how to do it, so I just worked it out, and made a loom out of a shoebox.

I have been bead-weaving for 10 years now, I really enjoy the challenge of finding out what you can do with all of the new shapes, of beads. Especially the new double holed ones. My work is often geometric, and I love to make beaded beads.

I currently teach classes at several venues, and from my garden studio, the Bead Shack. I produce clear and detailed worksheets for my clients.

I regularly publish my patterns in “Bead and Jewellery” magazine, and my first pattern for “Perlen Posie” magazine will be published in February 2017.

I won the British Bead Awards non-jewellery in 2014 with my Moroccan Miracle Box.

Too Tall To Bead

I am a bead designer who especially enjoys making beaded beads.

I teach beading classes. From ‘The Bead Shack’ in my pretty garden, and other venues.

Always available to hire for private workshops, just email me!

I publish regularly in bead magazines, and sell patterns on Etsy.

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